Info for the Modules Systemprogramming, Hardware-/ Software-/CoDesign and Realtime Systems


because of the new regulations in respect to the corona situation,  I propose the following schedule for this week:

  • 2.12.2020: 2nd UE (9:45 Uhr): Practical work of Systemprogramming and Realtime-Systems in 01/k31 and 01/k32
    Beside the practical work, I will explain how to proceed in the next weeks.
  • 3.12.2020: No lecture and no practical work in Realtime Systems and Systemprogramming
  • 3.12.2020: Hardware-/ Software-/ CoDesign: 4th UE (13:45 Uhr): Common videoconference ( for discussion of organisational matters among all participants of the module.
    Afterwards we like to do a technical discussion and progress check of homework of individual groups by using videoconference:
    14:15 Uhr: Group KEYLOG by Prof. Brutscheck (
    14:15 Uhr: Group PONG by Prof. Chmielewski (
    14:45 Uhr: Group LABYRINTH (Maze) by Prof. Brutscheck (
    14:45 Uhr: Group TETRIS by Prof. Chmielewski (

If there is in addition the need for individual support, there is the possibility to meet case by case in the lab or to do a additional videoconference.

Ingo Chmielewski      Michael Brutscheck