Info for the Modules Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign, Realtime-Systems and Systemprogramming


I propose the following schedule for this week:

  • Systemprogramming / Realtime-Systems: Because of the fact, that most of the lecture content is already discussed, this week there will be no lecture. If you have any questions regarding the practical work, you can come to the lab on Wednesday and on Thursday to discuss with me.
  • 10.12.2020: Hardware-/ Software-/ CoDesign: 4th UE (13:45 Uhr): Common videoconference ( for discussion of organisational matters among all participants of the module.
    Afterwards we like to do a technical discussion and progress check of homework of individual groups by using videoconference:
    14:00 Uhr: Group KEYLOG by Prof. Brutscheck (
    14:00 Uhr: Group PONG by Prof. Chmielewski (
    14:30 Uhr: Group LABYRINTH (Maze) by Prof. Brutscheck (
    14:30 Uhr: Group TETRIS by Prof. Chmielewski (

If there is in addition the need for individual support, there is the possibility to meet case by case in the lab or to do a additional videoconference.

Ingo Chmielewski      Michael Brutscheck