Info for the module Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign

Hi, we like to remind all students of the module Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign to join the last possible consultation tomorrow (8th of Feb 24) from 16:00 Uhr onward in 01/221. Best regards Ingo Chmielewski                 Michael

Schedule for week 22.1. – 26.1.24

Hi, for the actual week (22.01.2024 – 26.01.2024) there will be no lecture anymore, because the entire content of lectures is already discussed. Update: Because of the illness of Prof. Brutscheck we have to shift the final consultation of Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign

Schedule for week 15.1. – 19.1.24

Hi, for the actual week (15.01.2024 – 19.01.2024) I like to propose the following schedule for lectures/practical work: No lecture anymore for the modules Realtime-Systems, Systemprogramming and Software Design, because we finished and discussed all content already Practical work for

Info for the module Software-Design (MBE)

Hi, as today discussed, we will make the exam of the module Software-Design on 29th of March at 9:00 Uhr in 01/k32. The exam consist of two parts: 60min: Short Questions related to the lecture content without any material. 60min:

Schedule for the week 8.1. – 12.1.2024

Hi, at first I like to take the opportunity to wish to all of you all the best and a really good start into the year 2024. For the actual week (08.01.2024 – 12.01.2024) I like to propose the following

Prüfungsphase / Examination period WS 2023/2024

Hi, wir haben ihnen auf folgender Seite die Prüfungstermine für unsere Module zusammen gestellt. Bitte prüfen Sie die Terminlage und kontaktieren uns ggf., falls es hierbei zu Problemen/Überschneidungen kommen sollte. We have summarized the planned examination schedules of our modules on

Material for module Systemprogramming

Hi, as today explained, the entire lecture content is already explained to you. Please find attached the complete lecture material for download here. Best regards Ingo Chmielewski

Schedule for the week 18.12. – 22.12.23

Hi, for the actual week (18.12.2023 – 22.12.2023) I like to propose the following schedule for lectures/practical work: 19.12.23: Practical work Realtime-Systems/Systemprogramming in 3rd UE (12:30 Uhr) in 01/k32 for MET2 I like to check your progress/problems so far 20.12.23:

Additional material for HW-SW-CoDesign

Hi, as requested we like to give additional material for the LCD Touch panel for the module Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign for your Semesterprojekt to you. Please find the following Downloads: LTM User Manual Disk with example applikation Good luck. BR Ingo Chmielewski 

Schedule for the week 11.12. – 15.12.23

Hi, for the actual week (11.12.2023 – 15.12.2023) I like to propose the following schedule for lectures/practical work: 12.12.23: From 3rd UE onward: Practical work Realtime-Systems/Systemprogramming in 01/k32 for MET2 Sorry, I will be not available, but Lab can be