Update: Info for the module HW-/SW-/CoDesign

Hi, for the coming exam of the module Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign (23rd of Feb. and 31st of Mar.) we like to use a judgement table for your defence. You can download this table for your reference here. Please have a look at

Prüfungsphase 2022/2023: Update Prüfung Mikrocontroller

Hallo Zusammen, die am 3.2.2023 vorgesehene schriftliche Prüfung des Moduls Mikrocontroller muss in den Raum 01/121 auf 8:00 Uhr verlegt werden. Bitte planen Sie Ihren Zeitplan entsprechend. Viele Grüße Ingo Chmielewski

Schedule for week (23.1. – 27.1.2023) and reschedule exam of Systemprogramming

Hi, because of already summarized content of Systemprogramming and Realtime-Systems, there will be no lecture of this module anymore in this semester. For Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign, we will offer again consulation on 26th of Jan. from 14:30 Uhr onward. If you have

Prüfungsphase / Examination period WS 2022/2023

Hi, wir haben ihnen auf folgender Seite die Prüfungstermine für unsere Module zusammen gestellt. Bitte prüfen Sie die Terminlage und kontaktieren uns ggf., falls es hierbei zu Problemen/Überschneidungen kommen sollte. We have summarized the planned examination schedules of our modules on

Schedule for week 3 (16.1.23 – 20.1.23)

Hi, my believe is, that almost all of you have already finalized the practical work for the modules Realtime-Systems and Systemprogramming. Therefore I have not prepared a fixed schedule for this week. If you have remaining tasks, please come to

Schedule for week 2 (9.1.2023 – 13.1.2023)

Hi, first of all I like to wish a happy new year to all of you combined with best wishes for finalizing the semester work. For this week from 9.1.2023 – 13.1.2023 I like to propose the following schedule for

Schedule for week 51 (19.12.-23.12.2022)

Hi, this week there will be no lectures for my modules. To those, who have not finalized the practical work in Realtime-Systems and Systemprogramming I recommend to use the labs in 01/k31/k32 this week to move some steps foreward. The

Schedule for week 50 (12.12.22 – 16.12.22)

Hi, for this week from 12.12.2022 – 16.12.2022 I like to propose the following schedule for lectures and practical work of my modules: 14.12.22 1st UE (8:00 Uhr) Systemprogramming: Practical work in 01/k31/k32 14.12.22 2nd UE (10:00 Uhr) Realtime-Systems: Practical

Infos and material for HW-SW-CoDesign and Systemprogramming

Hi, as promised I like to give additional exercise material for the module Systemprogramming to you. In addition you can download the hardware info files for the used FPGA type for the module HW-SW-CoDesign. This link was already announced to

Schedule for week 49 (5.12.-9.12.)

Hi, for this week from 05.12.2022 – 09.12.2022 I like to propose the following schedule: 07.12.22 2nd UE (10:00 Uhr) Realtime-Systems: Lecture in 01/322/2 08.12.22 1st UE (08:00 Uhr) Realtime-Systems: Practical work in 01/k31/k32 08.11.22 2nd UE (10:00 Uhr) Systemprogramming: