Schedule for week (23.1. – 27.1.2023) and reschedule exam of Systemprogramming


because of already summarized content of Systemprogramming and Realtime-Systems, there will be no lecture of this module anymore in this semester.

For Hardware-/Software-/CoDesign, we will offer again consulation on 26th of Jan. from 14:30 Uhr onward. If you have the necessity for consulation, please come to 01/221 on 14:30 Uhr.

Because of the high demand for time-slots for the exam of Systemprogramming, I need to restart and reschedule the exam. Exam will take place on 8th of Feb. and 9th of Feb. Please use the following link to reserve a time-slot. In the schedule table I have used the year 2022 instead of 2023. Please ignore the year.


Ingo Chmielewski