Schedule for the week 29.4. – 3.5.24


for this week I like to propose the following schedule for lectures and practical work:

Due to illness VL and practical work needs to be canceled.

  • 1st of May: National holiday
  • 02.05.24 1te UE 8:00 Uhr MET1/MBE in 01/322-1: Lecture Software-Design
  • 02.05.24 2te UE 10:00 Uhr IMS4 in 01/322-1: VL Datenschutz/Datensicherheit
  • 02.05.24 3te UE 12:30 Uhr EIT4 in 01/k32: VL Bussysteme
  • 02.05.24 4te UE 14:30 Uhr IMS4 in 01/k31 und 01/k32: Praktikum Datenschutz/Datensicherheit (Chat Tool based on UDP-Socket)
  • 03.05.24 1st UE 8:00 Uhr MET1 in 01/k32 and 01/k31: Start of practical work (Chat tool based on UDP-Socket)

Best regards

Ingo Chmielewski