Info for the modules Systemprogramming and Realtime-Systems


for this week I like to announce the following schedule for lectures:

  • Realtime-Systems: 28.10.21 8:00 am (1st UE) in 01/216
  • Systemprogramming: 28.20.21 9:30 am (2nd UE) in 01/322/2

Both lectures will be recorded and made to you available afterwards.

In addition I like to remind the students of this modules to give me a feedback regarding participation of the practical work. To those who have not send an eMail (Subject: Practise Realtime / Systemprog) so far to me should do this till Wednesday afternoon (17:00) for registration. If you will miss this schedule, you cannot participate in the practical work.

Best reagards

Ingo Chmielewski