Exam for the module Software-Design


as explained in todays videoconference we will do the exam for the module Software-Design in the following way.

  • Date: 20th of September 2022
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: 01/322/2
  • If you have not registered in the HIS so far, please bring a complete filled formsheet for registration to the exam. Without this form sheet, you cannot participate at the exam.
  • The exam itself is a written exam (individual exam) and will be divided into two parts:
    – Part 1 (45min): Answering question  related to the lecture content. Please keep in mind, that no books, lecture material etc. will be allowed.
    – Part 2 (60min): You will work on a project, similar to the MVR-System discussed in the lecture. All material (inkl. Laptop, lecture slides etc.) is allowed.

Good luck.

Ingo Chmielewski